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"No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” 

― L. Frank Baum, The Lost Princess of Oz


The good source to acquire knowledge is books. Our Vidyalaya Library has a good collection of books on various subjects. Our school library has 3897 books on various subjects like History, Computer, I. P, Computer Sc.Physics, MathematicsBiology, Social Science, ChemistryGeographyand General knowledge, SportsEnglish Literature and Hindi Literature etc.




There are 32 Periodicals and 3 Newspapers are coming regularly.

The names of Newspapers are: -
  1.   Dainik Bhaskar

  2.  Rajasthan patrika

  3.  Seema Sandesh


The Names of Periodicals are: -



1.Chemistry   Today

2. Physics for you

3. Biology      Today

4. Maths today

5. Education Today

6. Education Today Plus

7. Champak (Hindi)

8. Champak (English)

9. Nandan

10. Balhanse

11. India Today (English)

12. Suman Saurabh

13. Nirogdham

14. Chronical

15. Kurukshetr

16. India Today (Hindi)  

17.Success Mirror

18. Readers Digest

19. Yojana

20.Aah Jindagi

21. Wisdom

22. Sarita


24. Partiyogita Darpan

25. Vigyan Pragati

26. Journal of English Language

27. Rojgar Samachar(Hindi)

28. Employments News Paper (English)

29. GK Today

30. Science Reporter

31. Kadam bini

32. Cricket Samrat


Special Feature of Library: -       


   Fully Decorated with pictures of great leaders.

   Career Corner has been developed

   Subject wise catalogue

   Sunday and weekly pages can be seen at one place

   Important Reference Books: -

   OXFORD Dictionary,

   OXFORD Encyclopedia

   History of world

    Hindi Dictionary And

   Subjective Dictionaries

Rule and Regulations

            Class library concept is followed for primary section. VI onward students come to the library and read newspapers, periodicals and other learning. They can borrow books to home for 7 days on one occasion.


Library Policy

Information/ done work under KVS Library: KVS issued a Library Policy in year 2008 to provide better services.

We do various activities as per KVS Library Policy. The summary of such activities is as follows-

  1. A Library Committee has been set up to give suggestions regarding the overall development of the Vidyalaya-Library. The members of the Committee are:-
    1. Sh.SP Meena - Principal
    2. Smt.Jeemi Rani - PGT-CS
    3. Ms.Vaishali, - Librarian
    4. Smt.Bharti Parmar-TGT Eng.
    5. Smt.Sunita Choudhary - PRT
  2. Information regarding are Library has been displayed on the Library Display Board.
  3. Information regarding “New Books” also displayed.
  4. Some important corner like: Career & Guidance’s Corner, Science Corner has been developed.
  5. Weekly Appendix of Newspapers is available at one place.
  6. We provide information regarding new/important books in the morning assembly.
  7. Book Review is also done by the students.
  8. To motivate the readers, we present Best Reader Award on the annual day of the Vidyalaya.
  9. To motivate students Story telling Competition organized is also proposed.
  10. Information showing periodical details is displayed.
  11.  To highlight various useful books, we display cover page of the books on the library display board.
  12. The pictures of Great Leaders, Scientists and Historical events pictures are displayed in the Library.
  13. Quotations showing importance of books is displayed in the Library.
  14. Books are arranged Subject-wise as well as Class-wise.
  15. Separate Subject –catalogue is available in the Library.
  16. Computer with Internet Broad Band Connection is available in the Library.
  17. For Primary Classes, Class Library is functioning.

Newspapers & Periodicals are arranged as per Date-wise and Issue-wise.

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