Vidyalaya has fully surrounded by green grass, with all basic building infrastructures needed including classroom, playgrounds, labs, staff room, library etc.


Front View of Vidyalaya Premises


Teacher teaching in classroom


For experiments and practicals, there are three Labs-

(i) Physics Lab   (ii) Chemistry Lab (iii) Bio Lab. All these Labs are fully equipped with latest apparatus.

An air-conditioned Computer Lab has been set up to provide computer education to the students. They also make use of Internet here. There are 10 sets of computers.



Chemistry Laboratory


Biology Laboratory



Computer Laboratory


Newspaper on stand for staff


Education is a continuous process and a library is on aid that helps in gaining more highs, subtle insight in the realms of knowledge. Our library is well furnished with satisfactory number of books. A number off science journals, periodicals, competitive magazines and story books, and Newspapers are always made available to the juveniles




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