Co-curricular activities form the core of student life in Kendriya Vidyalayas since it helps to develop the all-round personality of the students to face the undaunted task and turbulent world of future. The aim of curricular activities is to make the students fit for the future time and to develop a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, team-spirit as well as to provide a backdrop for the development of their creative talents. Therefore all the students have been divided into four houses viz. Ashok, Raman, Subhash & Tagore. Each house has a house Master & Associate House Master to guide the students for various internal competitions. Besides these they prepare the students for Morning Assembly Programme as well as the Display Boards. Each house is provided with a board to pin up its programmes, collection of stories, poems, incredible facts & figures, quiz, thoughts, sports & illustrations. This provides ample opportunity to develop the child’s reading and writing habits. All these programmes are evaluated and in the end of the year the best house is given the shield for the year. Programmes House Meeting English Recitation Hindi Calligraphy English Calligraphy On the Spot Drawing & Painting Competition Group Song (Patriotic) Hindi Elocution English Elocution Hindi Extempore,Hindi Solo Song/Hindi Rhymes English Extempore, Eng. Solo Song/Eng. Rhymes Quiz Competition House Meeting Rangoli Competition Individual Talent Show Guest Talk/Slide Show Fancy Dress Group Song Antakshyari.
To develop the overall personality of the children and to draw the best within them from, we have various activities. These activities are mainly divided into
C. C. A.
Art and craft
Scouts and guide

The whole school has been divided into four houses……..’STAR’



Calendar Of Co-Curricular Activities For The Session 2017-18
S.No. Shivaji House Tagore House Ashoka House Raman House
01 Ms.Savita Somani


House Master

Sh.Sunil Kumar

(PGT Biology) 
House Master

Mrs Surekha Verma

(PGT Chemistry) 
House Master


Mr.Satpal Kulhari


House Master


02 Mr.RS Meena   Mr.CR Paliwal  
03 Mr. Gourab banik Mrs.Sushma Arya Ms Surbhi Giri Ms.Swati
04 Mr C L meena      


केंद्रीय विद्यालय एसटीपीएस ,सूरतगढ़

पाठ्य-सहगामी गतिविधियाँ सत्र 2017-18

Calendar of Co- curricular activities

SESSION 2017-18

केंद्रीय विद्यालय एसटीपीएस , सूरतगढ़ 
1 07-Apr-17 House Formation & Meeting House Formation and Meeting
2 21-Apr-17 Rhymes (Hindi)  Display Board Competition-Level-I (Classes VI - XII)
3 28-Apr-17 Book Binding  Greeting Card Preparation
4 05-May-17  Solo Song (Any Language)      Solo Song (Any Language)    
5 23-Jun-17 English  Poem Recitation Speech In English (Individual)
6 07-Jul-17 Greeting Card Preparation Bouquet  making Competition
7 14-Jul-17 Drawing & Painting Drawing competition
8 21-Jul-17 One mintue show (I & II) Spell Bee(III-V) Spell Bee 
9 28-Jul-17 Story Telling in English Quiz on G.K (Group)
10 04-Aug-17 Mimicry Competition (Individual) Mime (Group)
11 11-Aug-17  Rakhi making Competition Rangoli Competition (Secondary section )
12 15-Aug-17 Independence day Independence day
13 18-Aug-17 Art & Craft Competetion  Extempore Speech (English) Sr Group (8th to 12th )
14 25-Aug-17 Action Song Group Song
15 01 Sep.17 English Calligraphy competition  Sanskrit Shloka Path 
16 05-Sep-17 Teacher's Day Celebration
17 08 Sep.17 Kite making Competition Flower Arrangement 
18 14 Sep.17 पखवाड़ा प्रारम्भ/भाषण /उपादेयता 
19 15 Sep.17 Quiz Competetion  स्वरचित कविता गायन प्रतियोगिता 
20 16 Sep.17 Thumb Painting  समूह गान प्रतियोगिता 
21 18 Sep.17 कहानी कथन  वाद-विवाद प्रतियोगिता 
22 19 Sep.17 हिन्दी लघुनाटिका ( III-V) Funny Act Show (I-II) सस्वर दोहा गायन प्रतियोगिता 
23 20 Sep.17 निबंध लेखन /अनुच्छेद लेखन  नारा लेखन प्रतियोगिता
24 21 Sep.17 श्रुति लेख व वर्तनी जाँच  श्रुति लेख व वर्तनी जाँच प्रतियोगिता 
25 22 Sep. 2017 Mask Making  आशुभाषण प्रतियोगिता 
26 23 Sep. 2017 Class decoration competetion  निबंध लेखन 
27 25 Sep. 2017 पखवाड़ा समापन /पारितोषिक वितरण
28 06 Oct. 2017 मेहँदी प्रतियोगिता(III-V) Clay Modeling(I-II)  मेहँदी प्रतियोगिता (For Girls) Cartoon Making (Boys)
29 13 Oct. 2017 दीप सज्जा प्रतियोगिता  लघुनाटिका (हिन्दी) 
30 27-Oct-17 ROPE SKIPPING Display Board Competition-Level-II (Classes IX-XII)
31 03-Nov-17 Story telling( Hindi) Story telling ( English )
32 10-Nov-17 Skillorama Exhibition (Art/SUPW/Clay Modelling)
33 14-Nov-17 Children's Day Celebration/Fancy Dress Competetion 
34 17-Nov-17 दीप सज्जा प्रतियोगिता  Fancy Dress Competition ( VI -X)
35 24-Nov-17 Drawing & Painting Display Board Competition-Level-I (Classes VI-VIII)
36 01 Dec. 2017 Best  out of Waste   (अनुपयोगी वस्तुओं का सदुपयोग )
37 08 Dec. 2017 Community lunch Community lunch
38 15 Dec. 2017 KVS Foundation Day/ Group Dance Competetion 
39 ** Annual Sports Day         (तिथि तय होने पर )  
40 ** Annual  Day  Celebration       (तिथि तय होने पर )
41 ** CCA Prize Distribution (तिथि तय होने पर )  

All the students take part in different activities like debate, declamation, poem recitation,  flower decoration, poster-making, extempore, calligraphy, Bhajan  singing, Games and sports etc.

In addition to the above other important days like birthdays of the great men and the festivals etc will be celebrated in the morning assembly for the awareness of the students.

The students are taught Art & Craft and several other works in their SUPW period.

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